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Coba Investment Company is a privately owned commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Development Company offering investment opportunities and services.

We've cultivated relationships to build an extensive network of investors, lenders, brokers, and other real estate professionals.



James Jaramillo is a lifelong resident of New Mexico and has been a leader in the commercial real estate industry for 23 years as well as a general contractor for 20 years.
He incorporates his vast knowledge of the regulatory side of development, his experience in the construction side, and his know how to get deals done and approved to the profitable benefit of both parties in a transaction.
He currently operates Coba Investment Company that manages a multi-million dollar portfolio and has over 400 acres of commercial real estate in active development. He has worked hard to develop buyers and sellers relationships with expanded vision and leadership that shines on a national level to manage teams and projects to enhance the commercial real estate market.
He has a BA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Walter Sullins


Walter Sullins has been a self employed business owner for 30 years owning Baskin Robbins
franchisees for most of that time . He brings years of Multi store network experience, employee
management, location negotiation to the Commercial and Home Real estate business.
His negotiating skills are a huge advantage as well as his 14 years of experience and education in the
Home real estate market. Working also in the investment and insurance industries help with his
experience in the commercial investment market acquisition and development.